Facilities Reservations

To reserve facilities of the Alpha SDA Church, please complete the following form:

Church Use Request Form

The Church Use Request form must be completed and submitted at least one month prior to the activity is to take place. 

If Kitchen needed, the Alpha Kitchen Reservation Checklist on the Church Use Request Form must be completed 
(separate fees apply) and submitted to the Church Administrator at least one week prior to activity.

Once the form is submitted, the Church Secretary will:

- Ensures approval by the Church Administrator
- Notify the Head Deacon
- Notify the Church Custodian
- Identify and contact the person to open and close the Church
- Collect $50 deposit (members) / $100 (non-members)
  (monies will be refunded if space is cleaned after use)
- Collect one of the following charge for non-members requesting use of Alpha
  Church facilities (please submit separate check for the deposit): $300-Sanctuary;
  $100-Fellowship Hall/Annex; $25-Auxiliary Rooms (Auxiliary is defined as any
  space other than Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall or Annex
- Media Equipment Deposit - $500 deposit required for use of any Alpha Media
  equipment unless operated by Alpha Media Personnel (Monies will be refunded
  if equipment is not damaged and returned in the condition it was loaned)