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lead pastor

Pastor Terry & Lin Kirschman
Position: Lead Pastor
Phone: 330-454-3058

     Every week the BTA family comes together to strengthen friendships, to celebrate life in the Spirit that we have through personal faith in the Jesus Christ, to offer praise and worship in a spontaneous contemporary expression that is in concert under leadership, to encounter the presence of God to minister to each of us at our point of need and desire, and to hear the voice of the Lord in His Word. We know that according to the promise of His Word (Matthew 18:20), that the Lord is present with us by His Holy Spirit when we gather in this way.  That opens up a realm of supernatural possibilities for our needs to be God's opportunities.
      We have developed ministry programming that is relevant to every age group, need, and interest. We continue to work hard at making a positive difference in our city. Our "Friendship Groups" are home small groups that meet weekly to build friendships, for supportive prayer, to minister to the needs of people, and to provide opportunities for reaching the un-churched.
     I want you to know that we would be thrilled to have you join us for one of our scheduled ministry events and gatherings that are listed on this website. We also want you to know that in friendship and ministry we are here for you.
 Pastor Terry & Lin Kirschman
Terry Kirschman has spent 30 years in pastoral ministry in Washington, Oregon, California and now Ohio. He earned his Bachelor's degree from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He is a published author with a communicative gift for presenting the truths of God's Word in contemporary life application. His wife, Lin, is a teacher, women's conference speaker, and dedicated partner in ministry.