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Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry of FMBC has as its purpose to join our congregation in becoming one of the most loving churches in all the world by using Jesus' examples of servanthood.
We serve the laity through the preparation of Communion, Baptism and assisting the pastoral staff and the Deacons in caring for the membership during sickness and bereavement.
We have as goals to enrich, equip and encourage women to grow in their spiritual journey thorugh the potential development of a women's ministry.
We also want to provide ministries for FMBC's older adults including the study of God's Word, fellowship and physical fitness.
  • Chairperson:  Sis. Florastein Stallworth
  • Co-Chairperson:  Sis. Shirley Green
  • Secretary:  Sis. Bobbie Moore
  • Asst. Secretary:  Sis. Cynthia Twitty
  • Treasurer:  Sis. Elizabeth Ware
  • Parliamentarian:  Sis. DeAndra Cowan
  • Asst. Parliamentarian:  Sis. Helen McAlpine
  • Chaplain:  Sis. Paulette Davy
  • Asst. Chaplain:  Sis. LaDonna McCann
  • Minister:  Rev. G.W. Lindsey, Jr.
  • Deacon:  VACANT

Contact Information:
Sister Florastein Stallworth