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Marriage Mentors

Marriage Mentors- is for those who are married or contemplating marriage, no matter what the condition of their relationship.  This ministry addresses the issues of marriage and provides opportunities for date nights, marriage encounters, seminars, and one-on-one mentoring to heal and/or strengthen marriages.  Marriage Mentors specifically addresses pre-marital, marriage enhancement, and marriage in crisis issues. 

For engaged couples or couples considering becoming engaged, whether first-time or considering re-marriage.  This program will help you develop your relationship, and, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, help you to develop a plan to overcome conflicts before they arise. Also, if necessary, the blending of families is addressed. (Both parties must participate)
A fee is charged for program materials.
To begin this program, contact Pastor Buck Fetzer at

For those who have an ok marriage, or even a good marriage, but would like to develop tools for marriage improvement.   (Both spouses must participate.)
A fee is charged for participation in certain programs.
 For more information or to begin this program, contact Ted and Brenda Lange at 814-692-2228 or
Mentors for Marriage Enrichment are Larry and Michele Wagner  (

New Marriage Class beginning April 4th
...Love & Respect
Why do we negatively react to each other in marriage?  This will be explained in what is called "The Crazy Cycle." How do I best motivate my spouse? "The Energizing Cycle" answers this question.  What if my spouse doesn't respond to me? "The Rewarded Cycle" informs us what to do.  Open to everyone (couples and singles.) 
This class is taught by Larry & Michele Wagner and David & Ellen Wagner.

Is there something in your relationship that is tearing you apart?  Have you given up on your marriage? Are you ready to contact a lawyer?  (One spouse can participate alone, but it is best if both spouses will participate.)
For more information or to begin this program, contact Ted and Brenda Lange at 814-692-2228 or email at
Mentors for Marriage in Crisis are David and Ellen Wagner (,

The Language of Love and Respect
(book & workbook available)
by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Your Marriage Masterpiece
by Al Janssen

The Marriage Builder
by Larry Crabb

Two Fleas and No Dog
by Craig Hill

The Five Love Languages
by Gary Chapman

The Gift of Sex
by Clifford & Joyce Penner

Contact Information:
Betty Lou Morgan