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Mentoring Classes

Mentoring Classes- is for anyone who is interested in developing biblical foundations and sound mentoring skills to equip participants to help others live out healthy balanced lives. 
These classes help to understand the role of a mentor and give keys to navigate the complexities of the mentor-mentee relationship and be more effective as a mentor.
What exactly is mentoring?    A God-centered, positive, two-way relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.
Following the class, participants can seek to become mentors for single moms, for financial accountability, or any other range of various practical life skills for those whose lives are being touched by Compassion Connection ministries.  

Class dates are announced as classes are scheduled.  See below.

Basic Counseling: Helping You Help Others- an eight-week class led by Fred Williamson.  This class goes step-by-step through the basics of counseling.  This course if filled with biblical truth and insights that will assist any believer with a sincere desire to help others.  Open to everyone.  Questions, contact   CLASS dates will be announced when a new class is scheduled.
Walking With God 101: Helping us walk in faith
 Learn how to practically live out your faith in everyday life. Led by Susan Mohammed, this class meets on Wednesday nights at 7 PM in the Prayer Room.  Open to all adults. For more information, email  YOU CAN JOIN THIS CLASS ANYTIME.


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