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Connection Groups are like a "homeroom" where announcements, prayer concerns and fellowship are shared. You will see someone with whom you could easily connect right off the bat on Sunday mornings!
Click on the groups below to see which Connection Group best fits you:

 Growth Groups provide a chance to learn and grow in knowledge and obedience of God's Word. These intergenerational classes are presented in 6-week sessions, allowing for a variety of subject matter, teaching styles and personality groups. Check back often for a list of Growth Classes you can attend!

Current Growth Classes
(January 12-March 2)
Hands and Needles for Missions
led by Debi Roche and Sonia Dominguez, Room 203A
led by Daniel Rodriguez, Room 201E
Jesus: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
led by Will McDonald, Room 209C
New Worship
led by Sara McDonald, Grace Luttrell and Netanya Hudson, Room 209B
led by Crawford Johnson, Room 203B
Smash the Box
led by Renee Jones, Room 201C
March Singles Connect Group
"Celebrating the Single Life"
led by Tracy Thompson


Scripture tells us that faith without works is dead.
Look for ways to strengthen your faith by living it out. 
Here are a couple of ways to jump in!
UBC Homeless Ministry
On the last Tuesday of every month, a group meets at UBC at 6:00pm to serve at the Presbyterian Night Shelter. One group reads books with children and their moms at the women and children's shelter while another group plays games with men and women at the emergency shelter. We eat cookies, drink hot chocolate and milk and have great conversation with the people there.
UBC On Mission!
Once a quarter UBC organizes UBC On Mission Sundays where we all pitch in and help with service projects on a Saturday or a Sunday afternoon. Projects range from construction to knitting hats for the homeless, from organizing a food pantry to general landscaping and facilities work at the Presbyterian Night Shelter. A free lunch is provided after the morning worship service and before the projects begin.
is not just a motto.
Make it the distinctive in your life.