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Online Giving

Online Giving at UBC

University Baptist Church understands God has given good things to all His children, and has provided for their needs.  In turn, we return to God a portion of what He has given us.  We are reminded of the ministry of the early church and Paul’s encouragement to all of us in 2 Corinthians 8:3.  We give of our own will, sacrificially understanding that our giving is a matter of the heart. 


UBC offers Online Giving to you as a convenient opportunity to give regularly as God provides for you.  It is now possible to contribute to our ministries in a safe and secure way using either your debit or credit card.  By using services provided to us by EFTPlus, you can experience a safe, secure method of making electronic payments.  This method of payment is used by many churches and organizations around the country as the preferred alternative to writing out a traditional check.


You may elect to use your debit card for contributions.  Debit transactions process faster than checks, since they access a bank account.


We do not encourage anyone to enter into debt in order to make a contribution. While it is possible to make a contribution to UBC using a credit card, we encourage you to be a wise steward of your own finances.

For questions about Online Giving at UBC please contact Debi Roche at or call her at 817-926-3318.
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