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Chapel at Moringstar

Morningstar is a special treatment center for mentally retarded and emotionally disturbed children. The goal of Morningstar is to develop these children into healthy, productive members of society.

Garden Lakes Baptist Church is one of a number of churches who have volunteered to help with this important ministry. Garden Lakes has sent teams of people to work on the property including helping with a Fall Festival and renovating the chapel.

Please contact us if you would like to help with this ministry.

Morningstar Treatment Services, Inc.
Morningstar Baptist Foundation, Inc.

Communication Points

  • Morningstar Treatment Services, Inc. was born in 1997 out of a critical need for services for children in Georgia.
  • Today Morningstar responds to a threefold mission; residential treatment, foster care and family-based services.
  • Our residential treatment program includes 2 locations: Treutlen house in Rincon serves 10 to 12 boys with moderate emotional and behavioral disturbance. Our Youth Estate campus in Brunswick is home to 60 children who are severely emotionally disturbed with a dual diagnosis of development delay/mental retardation and mental illness. Many of our children have experienced abuse and/or neglect.
  • Foster Care services are provided from West Point and Savannah.
  • Family Resource Centers in 8 locations provide family-based (in home) services including assessments, therapy, and parent education for families at risk.
  • Annually Morningstar serves 95 children in residential services, 16 children in foster care services, 1766 children in family-based services, to include 3532 family members.
  • We desire to insure the future of these and other needed services by raising funds for capital improvements, program development and endowment.