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Join Our Church

How to Join Garden Lakes Baptist Church
Joining the church signifies that you want to be a part of our church family as well as part of the larger family of Christ. We welcome all baptized followers of Christ to be a part of the Garden Lakes family.
So, how do I join? Near the end of our Sunday morning worship services, usually at the end of the sermon, our pastor will invite anyone who wishes to join the church to come speak to him as the congregation sings a hymn of invitation.
We invite you to join our church by any of the following methods:
* Accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. Following this decision, we will set up an time to discuss baptism with you and set a date for baptism.
* For those who are already Christians and have been baptized, we invite you to simply come forward to express your desire to be part of our church family, joining by letter or statement. We will contact your previous church to let them know of your decision.