About Ebenezer

People can recognize the way Christians love others. It's different than what is experienced in the world. As a church, we are continuously striving for relationships that build a strong community and help us grow in our love for Jesus.
As you will see, we are a purpose driven church, spirit-led church.  Founded on Biblical principles.  The Bible has instructions on how to minister to the whole man. That is our goal.
I encourage those who are interested in becoming a member of Ebenezer, to get to know the mission of the church, because they will be expected to be involved in Ministry. I invite you to read each ministry statement of purpose and pray for guidance about the ministry in which you are interested in serving.  Click on the links to discover our vision, what we believe, and who we are. If you have a question, contact us for more information.
Your servant,
Rev. WC Honeycutt, Jr.