Our Pastor

Welcome to the New Year!
We are thankful to God for the gift of a New Year— a year with so many promises of hope and new direction. May this year be a time of grace for you that you may grow in love and in faith! It is important that you seize every opportunity given to you to live strong, wise and boldly to the Glory of God. As the people of faith, we must release the power of God’s hope, joy and peace into a world that needs so much encouragement.
The New Year also marks the "Epiphany" means "manifestation" or "appearance" where we celebrate the revelation of the Jesus Christ. Epiphany is a time to focus on the gradual revelation of Jesus’ person and mission in the minds and hearts of his disciples as He ministered on earth, and a time to realize our own mission to spread the gospel, declare "the Kingdom is at hand," and carry the "ministry of reconciliation" wherever we go. I pray that your eyes will be able to see those who are in need regardless of what kind of disguise they may be wearing. I pray that you will be God’s representative in the earth to spread his love and compassion. Let this Epiphany Season cause you to know how much God is count-ing on you to spread his love.
As you enter into this New Year God will cause those who are in need to be placed in your path. Let love, compassion and peace rule your heart! And always know, I am praying for you, your families and friends.  

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