Restoring Beauty From Ashes

i-61 is an equine therapy ministry that pairs horses with disadvantaged children who express a desire to learn more about the behaviors, care, and maintenance of the horse.  Eventually, through hard work and discipline, the children will earn the privilege of learning how to ride.  Through the working relationship with horses, we will minister, disciple, and love children who have gone unnoticed by the rest of the world.
Our relationships with horses can teach us many lessons that are often applicable to our human relationships.  In working with the horses, we stress the importance of  CONFIDENCE and a give/take TRUST relationship.  It is important to understand that horses are prey animals with a brain that is geared towards reactionary instinct.  In order to manage that instinct, we must gain their trust to the point where the horse feels safe in their new environment. 
Our ministry currently owns two Morgan horses that are great with the kids.  Similar to people, each horse has their own personality and quirks which challenges each child to continue learning about the different horse behaviors and how to work with them.
As our ministry expands, our goal and vision is to create a working farm that will offer continued equine therapy opportunities for at-risk youth, therapeutic riding opportunities for the disabled, recreational riding, after school programs for in-need families, and other organizations, public or private, that could benefit from equine services.
The ministry name, i-61, was formed from the scripture in Isaiah 61, which says:
"to bestow on them a crown of beauty
instead of ashes," -Isaiah 61:3
For more information on our fund-raising letter, click here.  We currently have both equipment and monetary needs.
If you have any questions or comments about our ministry, please contact Sarah Bell at sbell5205@gmail.com
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