about us

mission statement

the evangelical church exists for the purpose of:
  • proclaiming assurance of personal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ 
  • witnessing to the personal cleansing and empowering of the Holy Spirit
our vision is:
  • to engage the harvest both in the United States and overseas
  • transform our cutures as we grow in Christ-likeness (holiness)
our mission is a God-birthed passion:
  • to bring people into a vital saving relationship with Jesus
  • to provide the unchurched with a healthy church family
  • to disciple believers into heart holiness and the Spirit-filled life
  • to build a network of healthy life-giving multiplying churches
we will accomplish our mission by:
  • praying
  • living a Spirit-filled life
  • evangelizing
  • discipling and building healthy life-giving multiplying churches by intentionally developing a system of assessing and coaching
simply put, we are
"harvest-focused, holiness-fueled"

The Evangelical Church