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Home Office

The home office of Evangelical Church Missions is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The office supervises and coordinates the stateside and foreign activities of the mission. Scheduling of missionaries, donation processing, Work & Witness teams and special projects are all handled from this central location. The office maintains contact with the missionaries and offers evaluation and counsel for field projects. The ECM office also serves as a vital link between stateside churches, supporting groups and their missionaries.
executive director
Executive Director, Jack O'Neill, supervises the missionaries and field operations of Evangelical Church Missions. He visits the mission fields to evaluate, encourage, research and minister within the cross-cultural environment. He offers counsel to the missionaries and helps assess mission field projects and plans. The coordination of the stateside office, support services and field ministries is under his supervision.
stateside ministry coordinator
Jeremy Kochendorfer serves as Stateside Ministry Coordinator for Evangelical Church Missions. His duties include supervision of stateside deputation ministries, organization of work teams, college visitation and recruitment of new missionaries. Jeremy works closely with pastors and churches in the promotion and support of missionaries and projects on ECM mission fields.
The following link will provide information regarding support of ECM missionaries and projects.
Evangelical Church Missions
9421 West River Road
Minneapolis, MN 55444
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