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Mitsuru & Yurie Oi

Mailing Address:  

3-32-1 Itabashi
Tokyo 173-0004 JAPAN

Rev. Mitsuru Oi is the Executive Secretary of the Uniting Churches of Christ in Japan. Evangelical Church Missions works in partnership with the Uniting Churches. The Uniting Church has a genuine vision and zeal for souls. They have formed their own seminary program to equip others to reach the masses of Japanese steeped in Buddhism and materialism.
Partnership activities with the Japanese church include "Homestay" which is a program that brings young Japanese students to the United States in order to witness Christianity. The students are hosted by an Evangelical Church and stay in member homes. This effort has had an impact on the lives of Japanese students as well as their host families.
Rev. Mitsuru and his wife,Yurie, live in Tokyo and have four children.


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