about us

The doors of Crusade For Christ Temple was opened in October 1981 by our Jurisdictional Prelate, Bishop Levi E. Willis of Norfolk, Virginia.  At that time Minister and Sister Johnson being asked by the Bishop and inspired by the Holy Spirit moved to Richmond from Norfolk, VA.  Minister and Sister Johnson, like Abraham, packed everything, left their brand new home which they lived in for only five and half months and went to a strange place not knowing anyone, but totally trusting in God. 
1993-During the Jurisdictional Holy Convocation in August, Bishop Willis ordained Minister Johnson as an Elder in the Church of God In Chirst.
1984-Bishop Willis appointed Elder Johnson as Pastor of Crusade For Christ Temple in Richomond.
1998- Pastor Johnson met with trustees and advisory staff  to share with them the vison to change the name of the church to Crusade For Christ Family Worship Chruch.
1998- Pastor Johnson began the Richmond Metropolitan District of the Church of God in Christ with his church and a mission church.
2000- Crusade For Christ applied for broadcasting license to operate a non-profit low power FM radio station.
2001- The Internal Revenue Service granted us a 501(c)3 non profit status for a new Community Development Cooperation (Empowered People, Inc) to serve as a Community Outreach Organization.
2001-The Virginia State Corporation Commission granted us a certificate of incorporation.
2003-Crusade For Christ purchased a little over 17 acres of land in the City of Richmond to build a new facility.
2004-Crusade For Christ received a congratulations letter from Mayor Rudolph C. McCollum Jr. to convey full endorsement of the unique program, Raising Attitudes and Productivity (R.A.P.) to serve youth ages 13-17
2004- The City of Richmond Police Department under the leadership of the Chief of Police Colonel Andre Parker granted Empowered People, Inc. its first grant for the program R.A. P. for $8,260 to set up a computer lab and other necessary materals.
2005-The Federal Communcations Commission granted us (CFC) a broadcasting license and permit for a low power FM radio station.  The only church in Richmond and surrounding areas to own its own radio station.
We are connected to the largest African-American Penecostal Organization in the world, the Church of God in Christ, which has approximately 5 million plus members.  The International Bishop is Bishop C. E. Blake of Los Angeles, CA. and our Virginia Bishop is Bishop L.E. Willis.
We fellowship several times a year with our fellow churches in Virginia in March, August, and October.  Also, the Youth Convention is in June.
As Pentecostals, we believe in heart-felt prayer and deep soul-searching preaching.  We believe that the anointed power of prayer and preaching can bring supernatural results for healing of diseases, salvation for the sinner, answers, and deliverance to perplexing problems.  We are also considered to be "The ALIVE Church" with joyful and jubilant expressions of singing, the clapping of hands, speaking in tongues and dancing in the spirit.