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Joshua Series

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Pastor Randy jokes that this is a series seven years in the making since it begins as he completes seven years as Senior Pastor at Beaverton Foursquare. He is leading us through the book of Joshua as God’s people are called to courageously embrace all that He has for them.

More than just general applications, he’s charting a course for Beaverton Foursquare that will take us where God wants to lead. You won’t want to miss a single message in this encouraging and informative series as you learn about:

  1. Audio Only Living With Faith and Courage | Wednesday's Follow-up
  2. Audio Only You’ve Never Been this Way Before | Wednesday's Follow-up
  3. Audio Only God’s Way to Overcome Obstacles | Wednesday's Follow-up
  4. Audio Only Uncovering and Getting Rid of Sin | Wednesday's Follow-up
  5. Audio Only Making Decisions and Keeping Commitments | Wednesday's Follow-up
  6. Audio Only Refusing to Quit Until the Battle is Won | No Wednesday Follow-up
  7. Audio Only Laying Hold of All that God has Promised | No Wednesday Follow-up
  8. Audio Only The Church that Offers Second Chances | No Wednesday Follow-up
  9. Audio Only Making a Decision on Whom will You Serve

Most Sunday sermons will be followed by going deeper into the same text on Wednesday evenings, designed to be a parallel discipling teaching. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What does it mean to really follow Jesus?” then this series is for you.

For the sake of our family in Sherwood, recordings are generally posted a week after the message is first presented in Beaverton.