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MotherWise Children's Ministry Policy

MotherWise Childcare Policy Agreement 
1) I understand that all children need to be pre-registered before coming to MotherWise
2) I understand that I must comply with the wellness policy, not bringing my child if any symptoms exist:
- Fever within the previous twenty-four hours
- vomiting and/or diarrhea within the previous twenty-four hours
- runny nose with any discolored discharge
- sore throat
- persistent cough
- childhood disease symptoms (chicken pox, skin infection, unexplained rash, pink eye, lice, etc)
3) I understand that I cannot bring children that are visiting me or any children that have not been pre-registered
4) I understand that if my child misses four sessions in a row, they may be dropped from the childcare roster to make room for those on the waiting list unless I communicate clearely with my Mentor Mom regarding the circumstances
5) I understand that I will volunteer to help with the children along with my group for one session. To do so, I understand that I will need to complete the child safety volunteer process.