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3 Years

In threes, your child will experience a loving and creative environment, staffed by caring leaders who prioritize Biblical teaching and building strong relationships.
We are excited to be using TRUWonder on Sunday mornings.  Through sensory interaction, storytelling, repetition, encouraging worship and quarterly celebration, your young one will learn the fundamental truths that God made them, loves them and is with them.
We provide a guide, TRUBlessings Monthly, that provides valuable information and fun activities to inspire, equip and support you in creating foundational spiritual environments for your three year old.  Look for it when you pick your child up or click here to download.
Parents are invited to continue the Milestone faith journey at this age level by attending Coming Under Authority, a yearly event specifically designed for parents of three year olds, though others with older children may attend as well. Please click the link for more information.

We welcome your questions and comments. Please feel free to connect with our age level director, Liz Wilcox, who is happy to share her love and enthusiasm for this amazing age group!

Contact Information:
Liz Wilcox