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DC4K-Divorce Care for Kids


The DC4K Ministry is for children ages 6 through 11 years
Registration Fee: $25 for each child

FALL 2014 Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K)

This 13 week series begins Monday, September 15th  and ends December 8th. This class runs concurrent with Smart Step-Families, Life After Divorce, and the Big D.

Time: 6:30-8:30p.m.   Cost is $25.00 per child

When we receive this electronic preregistration form we will mail or email the FULL registration form to you. The completed form can be turned in at our Sunday Morning information and registration table or the first evening of classes.   
Fees can be paid online or the first night of the series.
If you have any questions regarding the ministry or need other resources you may contact Pastor Harry Faulkner at 503.644.9104 or Volunteer Director Dannah Taylor at
Our Topics:
— What's Happening to My Family?
— God Loves Children in All Kinds of Families
— Facing Anger
— Journey from Anger to Sadness
— I Am Not Alone
—  God's Plan for Me
— Developing Money Smarts
— It's Not My Fault
— Telling My Parents How I Feel
— Forgiveness
— Loving My Parents
— Moving On: Growing Up and Closer to God

Contact Information:
Pastor: Harry Faulkner, Ministry Team Leader: Kathy Weeks

Events :