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Senior Ministries

We are comprised of two groups, 
Active Middle Adults & Older Adults...
still happy to be used of God!   STILL... wanting to make a difference and make our lives count for Christ.  AGAIN... using God-given talents and abilities in service to others and ministry unto God again, and again.  CONTINUING... to spiritually invest our lives in people of all ages, Living with Eternity in Mind!
Our encore is unto the Lord, all our efforts with God's hearty help so that His bright presence will be evident in everything through Jesus and He'll get all the credit as the One mighty in everything--encores to the end of time.  Oh, Yes!   (I Peter 4:11 paraphrased from The Message)

We extend a warm welcome to join us for all of our opportunities and activities for ministry and fellowship.
For more information:
Admin: Deb Hull
Phone: 503.644.9104