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Explore B4

 God's thumb-print has been on you from the beginning.
Explore B4 Ministries exists to help all believers impact our local church and the broader community through meaningful ministry opportunities. We do this by assisting you discover the unique ways in which God has specifically designed you to serve.
Whether you are brand new, or a seasoned volunteer, there are several ways to begin.  You might want to take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment (link below), or talk through your throughts with another seasoned volunteer.  We would love to follow up with you.  Please simply contact Pastoral Services at 503.644.9104 x 125 or by email:
Spiritual Gifts Assessment
We have heard that some web browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) don't identify the choices, making it rather difficult to take the assessment. If you don't have another browser to use, the missing labels are pictured below.