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Experience Ministries

Safety Team  "Making B4 as safe as possible for our guests!"
If you are interested in emergency first response, traffic control, monitoring campus, radios and wearing cool earpieces like they have in movies, we may be right for you! Fasten your seat-belt and watch the Safety Team in action with the video below.
Greeters  "Greeting our guests with all our hearts!"

If you are a people person, our team is perfect for you.  Come join us as we encourage and value each of our guests as they enter our sanctuary for services.

Ushers  "Welcoming & Seating our guests!"

We seat our guests, take the offering and pray for our guests throughout the services looking for ways to be of help.

Resource Center  "Equipping B4 with God's Word & Current Resources!"

If you love the Bible, equipping people and high tech equipment our team may be a perfect fit for you.  Help people find message CD's, Bibles, Journals and more.

Welcome Center  "Welcoming & Connecting our B4 guests!"

If you love to help people find answers to their questions, give directions, assist with connecting people on campus and more, we may be the team for you.



Hospitality Team:  "Baking & Believing in people"

Our Hospitality team ensures a locally brewed cup of coffee is waiting for anyone and everyone each Sunday morning and also cooks and bakes for various ministry groups on campus. Come join us and help serve our Ministry Teams & learn new recipes too!

Contact Information:
Gayle Wilhelm – Hospitality Director
503.644.1904 x218