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Construction Projects

Construction and Landscape Volunteers
Current Projects:
Volunteering for general light construction as needed
If you are interested in working together on our campus buildings and for smaller projects, let us know.  We have great one day things like replacing ceiling tiles and general maintenance that you can stop by and do anytime during the week if you call ahead and schedule with us.  We want to allow you the opportunity volunteer and worship God with your talents.
If you have interested in helping out please email us at
God has given each one of us talents and gifts for many purposes and we want to provide an area to serve for those who have been given the different talents to work on His house. 
Working together on teams with other volunteers to build up and take care of the church buildings and grounds is an opportunity to share in the ministries taking place inside of the buildings.

We want to put together teams that will not only be able to take care of this group of buildings, but to have the ability to out and use the skills they have wherever God might send them. 
We need people of all skill levels from the highly trained craftsmen to the willing extra set of hands.  If this is a desire of you heart to share your talents and your time, please sign up below. 
To volunteer to be on our construction and landscape team, please fill out the following registration.  We will put you into teams based on our skill level need and your availability. 

Contact Information:
Mike Whistler