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Dear Friends of the Library,

When Jesus told us to go everywhere and make disciples, he included every generation in that statement. And, as Pastor Randy reminded us recently, each generation is responsible for encouraging and equipping strong faith for the upcoming generations, helping them passionately follow Christ.

Creation of Family Discipleship Center

Parents are, and always will be, the most important spiritual influence in their children’s lives, so to support this part of our mission, we are creating the Family Discipleship Center, which is slated to open in mid-late Fall 2013. It will be located in what is now the Adult Classroom on the lower level of the Children’s Ministries Building. Resources for this center will come from our current church library, and will include materials that will inspire, equip and support parents, grandparents, and soon-to-be-parents. As well, the Family Discipleship Center will be a gathering place to connect with other families, and a training space for Family Life Groups. In short, it will be a comfortable, accessible, equipping, challenging, and fun environment where we nurture inter-generational discipleship.

How This Impacts B4’s Current Library

To make all of this happen, we have to make some changes in the current library. So, we will be closing the church library on June 30th. The last date to check out books will be June 23rd and last date to return items is July 21st. We will be working from July-September to create the new environment, select focused resources, and move them to the new Discipleship Center.

We recognize that for the many in our church family, the library is dear to their hearts and this closure will mean more than an inconvenience. It will feel like losing a friend. We want to assure you that nearly 18-months of prayer, deliberation, and planning went into this decision. We hope you trust that our hearts were open before the Lord’s leading during that time. We also trust that your love for seeing a new generation on fire for Christ will help to minimize any sense of loss.

The current library space will be re-purposed to accommodate mid-sized gatherings that occur many times throughout the week. Stewarding the space in this manner will allow us to serve the increasing demand for ministry space in alignment with vision.

You’re Invited To Be Involved!

If you value the library in it’s current form, we’re asking you to pray for it’s rebirth as the Family Discipleship Center, and we’d even ask you to pray about how you might be involved. As you can imagine, this transition will take a lot of work and creates an opportunity to be “Family on Mission.” If you are interested in helping to organize a book sale, to move books, or lend a hand administratively, please contact Patti Fletcher at Together, as family on mission, we can create a vibrant discipleship environment where faith is transferred from generation to generation. Please, join us in the journey!

We also invite you to keep an eye out for book sales we’re planning in August. You will be able to purchase some of your favorite books or resources at an excellent price as we pare down our collection.

We’ll be posting regular updates in the bulletin and on the church Facebook page, but if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Patti Fletcher or Melinda Kinsman