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Community Outreach Teams

Community Outreach

Pastor Randy has asked the question, “What if Beaverton Foursquare didn’t exist?  Would our community miss us?”   We’d like to answer that question with our actions. We are currently working on a number of community outreach projects, from a football (some say soccer) clinic to in-service activity days and food for the kids in Beaverton. We are still working on the details of what some of these community outreach endeavors will be, but if you are interested in building relationships with the people in our community, one of the coming opportunities may be a good fit for you.

This serving opportunity may be once a year to a few times a semester. By signing up, we will email you with details and opportunities as they arise and you can decide whether or not to join in on the fun!


Chinese Pilot Mentoring Opportunity

Foster Parent Night Out

Kids’ Rock


Kids’ Rock!  Is a ministry that reaches children in public elementary schools with the Gospel of Christ!​  ​​Kids meet right after school in the gym or other facility at the school to hear a Gospel message, Worship, and have Fun together!  If you’re interested in having a group like this in your school, or want to learn more, please contact:

Dave Hathaway     or visit our website:



Handy Helpers

Manna From Grace

Transitional  Youth

Handy Helpers is a group of people who do simple jobs (clean gutters, rake leaves, simple house repairs, etc) for people who don’t have the financial means or physical capabilities to do those jobs (single moms, widows/widowers, elderly, etc). If you would like to be involved in how the congregation shows love to the congregation, there are opportunities for those who can do simple jobs and also for those who have expertise in more complicated jobs (electrical, plumbing, etc.).

This serving opportunity is on an “as needed” basis. By signing up, you will be put on an email list and contact when someone has a need. The first person/people to respond get the service job!


Rosemont, operated by Morrison Child and Family Services, is a 24 hour residential care facility for girls between the ages of 12 and 17. These girls have faced multiple problems and challenges, including abuse, neglect, school failure, chronic running away, law violations, self-endangerment, mental health issues and substance abuse or dependence.


Men and women from Beaverton Foursquare and other local churches minister to these girls by providing a church service every Sunday afternoon that is one of the few places where they feel safe. Would you like to get involved in administrating the hope of Jesus to the lives of these young women?


This serving opportunity is on a bi-monthly to a weekly basis. When you sign up, we will email you the ministry leaders' contact information so you can connect with them. Let them know your desired area to serve and the time commitment you are willing to make.


Compassion Beaverton

We are part of a number of churches that participate in this yearly event. It is a one-day medical and dental clinic for people who do not have healthcare. We need medical and dental professionals, people to be involved in hospitality, childcare, serving food, and security.  We will host a B4 Compassion Clinic in February of 2014.
Call Pastor Michelle at 503-644-9104 or email:


Contact Information:
Pastor Michelle McLaughlin