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International Ministries

A Cross-Cultural Ministry
Mission Statement
"To serve our international community by supporting and developing both culturally distinct and multi-cultural fellowship and ministry opportunities that encourage people of all nationalities to grow in the love, knowledge and service (obedience) of Jesus Christ."
Two thousand years ago, Jesus chose twelve followers and trained them as his disciples in Galilee and sent them out with a commission to teach and to make disciples of all nations. The goal of Jesus was to bring people from all nations and all ethnic groups on earth to come to know the Savior and to be part of God's eternal plan. We are grateful that God has brought many of those different people groups to the Beaverton area and to our church.
In August 2010, we gave birth to "International Ministries." Until December of 2010, the focus of the International Ministries was on fellowship with one another in an effort to meet new people and to be connected as a body of Beaverton Foursquare. We were active in carrying out fellowship activities such as the International Picnic, English Corner, Worship Service Translations (Korean, Bhutanese, and Chinese), Seasonal Programs (Thanksgiving, Christmas), Needs Collections (clothing, furniture, and household items for the Bhutanese families), and helping Bhutanese brothers and sisters with practical helps (driving lessons and finding jobs.)
In addition, English Corner was launched to provide non-English speakers with an opportunity to improve their English in a friendly, supportive, and spiritually healthy environment. It gave them a chance to connect with the body of Christ and the love of Jesus. This also created a volunteer opportunity for the members of the Beaverton Foursquare Church to serve and to experience cross-cultural and multimcultural interactions.
Now, we want to continue to reach out into our surrounding communities and share Christ with the many people who have come from other countries to make Oregon their home. We have a need for people who are called to work in the following areas:
English Corner — Starts November 13 and continues until December 18th, Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.

Mentoring — We are looking for people who will come alongside some of the families who have come to Oregon as part of refugee resettlement programs. Such people arrive here without any family or social infrastructure to help them acclimate to the challenges of living in our culture. Things that seem simple to us (shopping, filling out a job application) can seem very complicated. Mentors can make a significant difference.
Family Sponsorships — Much like mentoring, this involves caring for the whole family. The sponsor will further assist by identifying needs that the church leadership can present to others in the congregation (furniture, clothing, appliances, etc.)
International Fellowship — Our international Community is growing. Join us and host, assist, perhaps just lead a table group.
Please let us know of your desire to serve in the International Ministries by filling out the form below.
If you have not already gone through the Volunteer process here at Beaverton Foursquare Church, please click the button below for the Volunteer Application. Print, fill it out and return it to the Pastoral Ministries Department.
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Contact Information:
Pastor Janet Shim; Michelle McLaughlin,