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2014 Summer Missions; Alaska, China, India





Team Leader



Alaska Construction Team

Pastor Mark

Construction Team

Alaska 1

JUN 25



Dave Jackson


Benevolence Harvest Team in Coffman Cove

Alaska 2


JUL 16


Pastor Mark


Benevolence Harvest Team

Alaska 4

JUL 19

JUL 26


Duy Anh Tran


Dental Team in Klawock – exact dates TBD


OCT 27

November 8


Pastor Mark


VBS, Building at Bright Hope English School


July 31

Aug 16


Bob Weaver


Teach English to Chinese Students

Do you feel called to serve Nationally or Internationally?  We will have 4 trips to Alaska this year, and one mission planned for India, as well as 1 for China. Please register online below for which ever mission you feel called to serve:

Why Alaska?

The mission in Southeast Alaska is to two major tribes: The Tlingit and the Haida people. They are distinctly different, but have huge areas of overlap in terms of culture, inter-marriage, etc. We have an open door, given by God, to invest in projects that preserve and value culture and heritage. This has led to trust, which is huge. This trust has led to the desire among them to see us plant churches. 

Why China?

Come to China — Teach A Heart

 We have had a very long relationship with the people of China. When we go, we will live on the Yuan Ming Yuan campus of Peking University and assist in a Total Immersion English program. We will serve the program by assisting in classes, conducting activities, having an evening English Corner and serving the full-time missionaries living at TIP. The TIP students are school teachers from throughout China who come to spend three weeks completely immersed in our language. You will have the option of staying an extra week to serve through the completion of the program.

1/5th of the total world population is Chinese. The Gospel has taken root and is spreading aggressively across China. We have had a long term relationship with the people of China. Our mission there is to partner with Total Immersion Program (TIP), a Christian Education Institution certified by Peking University and the Chinese government, in an exchange of Chinese and American culture.  We introduce participants at Peking University’s Yuan Ming Yuan campus, mostly English School teachers of elementary and middle school children, to a community of Christ-followers who provide a unique opportunity for them to improve their English skills by direct conversation with Americans.

Why India?

This is a door that was opened via our Bhutanese friends; a wonderful; education work among the least of the least. We are there to encourage the long term development and ministry of our brothers and sisters in Siliguri, West Bengal, as they share Christ through the education of underprivileged girls.    We will serve the children of the Bright Hope English School by helping to equip their new classroom building (light construction and decorating) and through children’s ministry and teacher training (led by Melinda Kinsman).

Meet Pingh Khee. She is one of the girls at Bright Hope English School.
The Bright Hope English School is located in Siliguri, India, and lies in that small space of India bordered by China, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The school was started by Premila Mizar, who is Pastor Kisan's younger sister, and other Bhutanese refugees who were exiled from Bhutan in 1992. After completing a Masters in Theology, Premila felt the call to serve the least of the least, girls like Pingh Khee. It is hard for us to imagine what life is like for these girls. They are minorities and would be considered untouchables in the caste system, which though outlawed, still exists. In this part of India, women have no rights, so she is not only an untouchable, but she is almost a non-person. Then add the poverty, because she is a child of a tea garden worker. Her mother worked the tea gardens near the school until they were sold to a property developer. Having lived on the property for generations, they were forced to live in a mud house along the river. Her mother earned day wages (about 49 rupees, or $1 per day) at the plywood factory. There are people who come into these areas with promises of jobs for the children of people like Pingh Khee's family. Pingh Khee was to be employed as a domestic servant for a family in Delhi, so her mother "sold" her and her little sister and little brother to the recruiter. She described being beaten and even tortured. The recruiter in turn sold her to a circus where she was part of the entertainment. She and her brother would be thrown into the tiger's cage to "play" with the big cats to the amusement of onlookers. Her brother was mauled and killed. Premila knew the family, since they lived in the area of the school. When she heard about it, she tracked Pingh Khee and her little sister down and paid to have them released. Pingh Khee lives at the Bright Hope English School. She wants to be a preacher one day and to serve God. The fate of young girls in this area can be as extreme as the story of Pingh Khee or as simple as living a life of near slavery working for day wages. It is a very hard life and the girls would be fated to it, if it were not for this little school. Here are a few pictures of our recent time there in preparation for our work this year. Please pray for these girls and for the school and for the leaders. It is an inspiring work and it will be a privilege to bring some resources to help this little school.
(some of the girls at school)          (Premila & nephew Pastor Ajay)   (food from the river)

(Esther & Chandra//Mom & Dad
 at the school)                               (one of the orphans at the school)

The school is complete. The second floor and the security wall were completed. The well was repaired and the water system has been rebuilt. The grade at the back of the property was raised above the flood line. In addition, the girls are gaining access to medical care, thanks to the teams we sent to serve the girls and their families. We also traveled to the Bhutanese Refugee Camps in Nepal and provided dental care.  By the grace of God we were able to hold a Women's Conference and encourage many church plants.  Please join us in praying for India and Nepal.

Contact Information:
Pastor Mark Nicklas/Michelle McLaughlin