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Love God. Love people. When you boil down our purpose on this earth, the result is simple and rich.

Love God. A task so deep it’s a journey. There is always something new to discover about the loving, righteous, powerful, just God. To know him…to hear him…to serve him.

Love people. A task so difficult it’s a calling. Don’t be mistaken; if you love God, you are called to love people. All people. There are so many broken, hurting people that are in need of God’s transformational power and love. They are halfway across the world living in rubble, they are in refugee camps in our country, they are across the street in our community, they are across the room at a party, and they are across the aisle in our church. Quite simply, we all need a loving father and a loving family. So our challenge and purpose is this: Step Outside. Outside of your comfort zone, outside of your house, outside of your to-do lists, outside of your drama, outside of your church. Serve outside.
Beaverton Foursquare Church supports these missionaries who are at work around the world. Your prayer support is always welcomed.Please click on the map below to discover information about about each missionary and their prayer needs. Once you've clicked on the map, click on each cross.