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David Leggett

David Leggett is the founding and Senior Pastor of New Life Fellowship in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Pastor David teaches the Word of God to enable people to live victorious, successful lives by applying the principles of the Word of God.  Faith is the message…Faith in God’s Word.  Acts 10:38 is about how Jesus gave people the advantage in life and to see that everything functions properly (Gen. 1:31). In the fall of 2007, Pastor David had an “encounter” with the Lord!  “God woke me up one night and began to speak to me.”  He started out with “that the Word of God be not blasphemed” and Pastor replied “Lord I didn’t think I was doing wrong or living that bad.”  To which the Father replied “You’re not doing anything.”  So we began to talk (I did a lot of listening) about faith, walking in love, healing, prosperity, etc. This continued for approximately 48 hours.  I spent two weeks processing that time with God and the result was a changed man for God!  “I believe one Word from God can change your life!” He is a partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Dr Stephen & Kellie Swisher.  Pastor David is currently working on a teaching CD “Get Involved In Your Healing” which will be ready in August 2011. Pastor David has three children and their families who are all a part of the life and ministry of New Life.