The Dream

In January 2004, I traveled to Ghana for the funeral of my sister Olivia. During the funeral, there was much talk about a baby that was abandoned by the roadside, but the issue did not touch me because I was preoccupied with the funeral.
However, on my way back to the United States at 33,000 feet over the North Atlantic Ocean, I had a dream about an orphanage for abandoned babies. I revealed the dream to my wife, Mary, at JFK airport and she said, "we can do it."
I rallied a few friends, family including The Happy Church members and shared my new dream with them. We organised fund raising concerts, silver coin collections and sales of artifacts from Ghana. We raised 25,000 US dollars in two years, amidst disappointments, failures and discouragement.In July 2006, we leased a piece of property in Accra, Ghana, and registered Love-A-Lot Children's Home.
Our vision is to provide safe homes, nurturing and developmental programs for orphaned babies. Our mission is to offer excellent childcare for infant orphans in a safe and loving environment and promote their adoption to caring, loving and responsible families.