Kwame is extremely loving. He seeks out affection and gives it freely. Kwame came from a very hard beginning and had to fight and steal at an early age just to survive.
His transformation into the loving and sensitive boy he is now has been phenomenal. Every day, he learns to trust and obey more. He is very patient with the younger kids and plays well with them.

Kwame meets challenges well, and will not be left behind. His smile lights up any room. With your help, Kwame will continue to thrive physically and emotionally, and educationally.

Ways to help:
  • Full Sponsorship of Kwame's Physical and future educational needs: room, board, clothing, school fees, uniforms, books, supplies, transportation, etc.  - $100 per month.
  • A Monthly donation of you choice towards her daily and future educational expenses.
  • A one time donation of your choice toward her daily and future educational expenses.

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