Abigail - ADOPTED!

Abigail is a very loving young girl. She is good with the younger children, loves to give and receive love, and grows attached very easily. She is doing well in school. Abigail is very serious and observant. She has a strong sense of discernment into the moods of the people around her.
Like her biblical namesake, Abigail is wise and beautiful. Abigail’s name means, “my father is joy.” With your help, this young girl will live knowing that she is not an orphan, but a child of  the Father, and that her joy comes from Him.
Ways to help:
  • Full Sponsorship of Abigail's Physical and future educational needs: room, board, clothing, school fees, uniforms, books, supplies, transportation, etc.  - $100 per month.
  • A Monthly donation of you choice towards her daily and future educational expenses.
  • A one time donation of your choice toward her daily and future educational expenses.

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