Charles & Mary Okang

In January 2004, I traveled to Ghana for the funeral of my sister Olivia.  During the funeral, there was much talk about a baby that was abandoned by the roadside, but the issue did not touch me because I was preoccupied with the funeral.

However, on my way back to the United States at 33,000 feet over the North Atlantic Ocean , I had a dream about an orphanage for abandoned babies. I revealed the dream to my wife, Mary, at JFK airport and she said, “we can do it.”
I rallied members and leaders of The Happy Church and shared my new dream with them. We organized fund raising concerts, silver coin collections and sales of artifacts from Ghana .  We have raised 25,000 US dollars in two years, amidst disappointments, failures and discouragement.
In July 2006, we leased a piece of property in Accra , Ghana , and registered Love-a-Lot Children’s Home. Today, we have five girls and four boys.

The children come from various villages throughout Ghana , but their stories are very similar.  Some were abandoned by young mothers and were being raised by aging grandmothers who could no longer provide for them. Others were the youngest in very large families, and their parents were unable to feed one more person.  One of the boys had a very young mother and a mentally unstable grandmother, and at the age of four, was stealing and fighting for his daily food. 

Before coming to Love A Lot, the children had never had simple things like toys!  Many of them tried stealing food when they first came because they were used to not eating regularly.  Now, they know they will get three square meals per day, plus snacks!  The six oldest children are in school, learning English, and two of them are excelling at phenomenal rates. They have become a family of brothers and sisters; they depend on each other, they defend each other, and they love each other.

 Your help is a miracle!
Charles & Mary Okang