Ernest Jojo

JoJo loves to make people laugh! He loves to learn and is excelling none"
at school. JoJo is a born leader who also knows how to obey those in authority. He opens up to people easily and loves to give and receive affection. JoJo plays very well with all the other children, and is very patient and gentle with the baby and the girls in the house. With your help, JoJo will continue to excel at school and continue to walk in joy.

Ways to help:

  • Full Sponsorship of Jojo's Physical and future educational needs: room, board, clothing, school fees, uniforms, books, supplies, transportation, etc.  - $100 per month.
  • A Monthly donation of you choice towards her daily and future educational expenses.
  • A one time donation of your choice toward her daily and future educational expenses.

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