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The business of the church is conducted by an elected Church Council of volunteer members, most of whom serve two-year terms of office.  Wayside's By-laws establish rules and guidelines for decisions by the Church Council.  Council meetings are held monthly, and the meetings are open to all members.  Minutes of Council Meetings are available for any Wayside member to review.
Each Council Member is empowered by Wayside's By-Laws to appoint assistants.  The Council Member may establish committees or task forces to take on the projects deemed necessary to carry out the duties of their position. 
Wayside holds scheduled Congregational meetings twice a year:  a Budget Meeting to review and approve the Church's operating budget for the calendar year, and a general Congregational Annual Meeting to elect officers and review the Council's Annual Report.  Special  meetings may be called when needed for decisions that require a vote of the Congregation.
Wayside, like all UCC congregations, is self-governing.  Wayside receives assistance and guidance from the national and regional settings of the wider church;  but governing decisions, including calling our pastor, are ours alone.
Wayside United Church of Christ is a non-profit corporation, financially supported by the gifts of its members and friends.  

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Wayside United Church of Christ