Pacific Northwest Conference

Start Date:  1959-09-01
End Date:  2020-12-31

The United Church of Christ includes over 5500 individual church congregations, spread throughout the United States.  Subsets of the states are grouped into Area Conferences, for efficiency and localized support.  Wayside United Church of Christ is grouped with 80+ other congregations in the Pacific Northwest Conference (PNC), which covers Washington, Northern Idaho and Alaska.
The conference office is co-located with Broadview Community Church UCC in Seattle, Washington.  Representatives and other members gather for an annual meeting to elect officers and determine resolutions and recommendations for local congregations and for the UCC in its national setting.  The location of the annual meeting alternates between the "wet" and "dry" sides of the area, to give everyone a chance to attend.
The PNC supports local congregations with assistance in ministry, mission, and church development.  The conference owns and maintains two campgrounds for Outdoor Ministry and Christian Education:
  • Pilgrim Firs near Port Orchard in Washington (pictures and website)
  • N-Sid-Sen on Lake Coeur D' Alene in Idaho (pictures and website)
Check out news about our churches in our conference in the:  Newsletter of the Pacific Northwest Conference, UCC
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