Advent Season

Advent is celebrated in many ways at Wayside.  It is our tradition that the Chapel is graced by a tree.  Symbolic of our concern for sustainability (and with a graceful nod to the Fire Code), the tree itself is artificial.  The decorations on the tree are genuine - handmade with love by women of Wayside, and cherished here for many years.
The first Chrismon made was the “chi” “rho,” two letters of the Greek alphabet, the first two letters in “Christos,” as found in the Greek New Testament.  Other Chrismons that appear on our tree are the "ichthos", the fish early Christians used to indicate a place of worship or refuge; the anchor, the crown, the altar, and stars and crosses of many kinds.  Chrismons may be made of many materials, but are always white or gold, symbolizing Christ's purity and majesty, and the coming of the light.

The decorations represent a name of Christ, or a concept of the Christian Church - a "Christ Monogram".   Some of the symbols are ancient. They were designed, carved, and drawn by some of the earliest Christians and were found in many places -- on jewelry and utensils, in the catacombs, and on doors and buildings. They were symbols used by early Christians to show their faith to the world.

 The “Chrismon Tree” began with a Lutheran pastor, Rev. George Pass, in 1940.  Today the Chrismon Tree is a common sight in churches all over the United States.

As you enjoy the peace and beauty of our Chapel during advent,  you might reflect on ancient and modern traditions, and on the work of generations of loving hands.

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