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About Wayside...
Wayside United Church of Christ (UCC) is a community of faith that seeks to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.  Wayside is a place where people can worship God in traditional style without being intellectually dishonest.  We sing the tunes you know, if you were brought up in a Christian church - though the words may have changed to more inclusive language.
Wayside was chartered in 1959 as "Wayside United Church of Christ (Congregational)".  A strong and healthy, though relatively small congregation, Wayside retains its intimate, "family" feel, with approximately 80 souls attending the week's main worship service at 10:00 AM Sunday.  Wayside is small enough that we can know and care for one another - and big enough to make a real difference in the world, through stewardship of our  time, our talents, and our resources.  We extend extravagant welcome to all.   No matter who you are, you are welcome here - to be accepted as you are, to experience the love of God, the leadership of Christ, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Wayside United Church of Christ