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About the Bible

We regard the Bible as our primary record of human beings seeking after God, going back more than three thousand years.  It was developed over many hundreds of years, by dozens of human authors. 
Some of its books were first composed in ancient Hebrew, some in Aramaic, and some in Greek.  All of these languages are still spoken, in modernized form, in the lands bordering the eastern Mediterranean.  None of them much resembles English, and legions of scholars have worked diligently to translate the Bible’s books for our understanding.  The history of our Bible is well documented.  It is awesome, but it includes grisly ancient stories of Hebrew tribal warfare and genocide as well as our record of the transcendent and uplifting philosophy of Jesus Christ. 

NOTE:  Today Jews, Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Catholics, and Protestants all vary as to what books they include within their sacred Bibles.  The first Christian Bibles were compiled at the direction of the Roman Emperor Constantine, three centuries after Christ.  What we today call the Old Testament had already been in use among Jews for hundreds of years by that time.  To become a Christian minister or priest today, a seminary student must learn this complex Biblical history, book by book. 

Any Bible in English, whether King James Version or Revised Standard Version, has come down to us through many calligraphic scribes  (in the days before printing technology!)  and translators.  Our Bible is, to us as to other Christians, our most sacred and supremely important book. — but it obviously is NOT  'inerrant,'  except to those folks who don't know or choose not to accept its fascinating history. 

...by Chuck Hastings


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