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what we believe

The answer to the question "what do people at Wayside UCC believe?" is not simple.   Each of us is on our own, unique spiritual journey - and we are encouraged to discern for ourselves what our faith means to us.
Although we have no required set of beliefs that all members and guests must accept, most of us do share certain beliefs and attitudes.  For instance, most of us would probably agree with the text within the  'United Church of Christ Denominational Statement of Faith' and  'The Eight Points of Progressive Christianity' (see below),  as well as the following statements:
  1. JESUS — We hold Jesus as central to our faith, whether we believe that he is the Son of God, a historical figure, a powerful legend, a mighty prophet and teacher and philosopher, the most significant human being in history, or a combination of some or all of these.   His life and teachings are a shining example for each of us to try to follow.
  2. HOLY BIBLE — The Bible is front-and-center in our sanctuary during worship, and each sermon generally is based on a Biblical text.  Our Bible is our most sacred and supremely important book.
  3. ACCEPTANCE — You are welcome to join our fellowship for a Sunday morning service. or for a few weeks, or for many years, regardless of your personal characteristics or your prior religious background.   If you are in worship with us on a Communion Sunday, you are welcome to share in the Lord’s Supper.  
  4. GOD IS STILL SPEAKING, —  We value the famous quote from the late Gracie Allen,  "Never put a period where God has put a comma."   Each year brings new insights and understandings about our faith.

Wayside United Church of Christ