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Get Connected


Today is slipping by and time is quickly passing.  Will you make the most of every opportunity or will those moments slip away?  Students are growing up in a world today that tells them to “live it up” now because it gets a little more serious when they become an adult.  The truth is, however, that what you do now determines your tomorrow. You have every opportunity now to change your life and impact the lives of others.  The Bible says that even students have an opportunity to impact lives for eternity NOW!
Trinity Student Ministries exists to glorify God and to make Him known.  We desire to reach students with the gospel of Jesus Christ, connect them through meaningful relationships, and grow them to honor God with their lives.  We do this through many different programs and events.  My hope and prayer is that students, parents, and families will glorify God with their lives and serve others out of a passion for Him.  
Come check us out and get connected!
                                            In Christ,

                                            Brother Jeff