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Mission and Purpose

Women's Ministries are led by the Women's Ministries Council.  See Carolyn Garcia for more information about the Council or Women's Ministries activities.
Philosophy - We believe all women are important in God's eyes and are vital in His kingdom. We seek unity within diversity, and cooperation and caring through the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit.

Purpose - The purpose of Women's Ministries is to glorify God by challenging women to:

  • Know God personally
  • Grow in Christlikeness
  • Discover and use their spiritual gifts
  • Love and serve others
  • Reflect the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ in all they do

Mission - The mission of Women's Ministries is to:

  • Gather women together for fellowship and mutual encouragement
  • Resource women to achieve their full spiritual potential
  • Offer acceptance, love and grace to all women
  • Lead women to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Teach Biblical truths with real-life application
  • Honor God by guiding women into a Spirit-filled life

Contact Information:
Carrie Garcia