Westminster Conference

2010 Christ Our King:  The Kingly Ministry of Our Lord

Christ's kingly work will be explored from a variety of theological disciplines including Biblical theology, systematic theology, historical theology, and practical theology.  The goal of the conference is to enrich and edify pastors and laypeople with the scope and glory of the work of Christ's Mediatorial Kingship!

Speakers Are:

  • Dr. William J. Edgar, Pastor, Reformed Presbyterian Church Broomall, PA

  • Dr. Richard C. Gamble, Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

  • Dr. Peter A. Lillback, President and Professor of Historical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia
  • Dr. Mark E. Ross, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology, Erskine Theological Seminary

  • Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas, John Richards, Professor of Practical and Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson

  • Dr. Carl R. Trueman, Professor of Historical Theology and Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia