Ascent & Foundations Classes

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Ascent - For those who want to dig deeper in the Bible and/or climb higher in their relationship with Christ.
Foundations - These classes six Sunday morning classes are encouraged for new believers and those considering becoming members of NMC.  Mature believers also benefit from attending and reviewing key foundational truths of the Christian life.  They often find the content is helpful to better understand the mission of NMC and as they have opportunity to share the Gospel and/or help others to grow in Christ.
Ascent Classes for Men
Sunday mornings at 8:00 am (Stellar Elementary)
Craftsmen: Skillfully Leading Your Family for Christ by John Crotts
Contact Don Nelson at
Sunday mornings at 9:30 am  (Stellar Elementary Gym)
The men are currently studying the book of Romans.
Contact Jason Barrios at
Ascent Classes for Women
Sunday mornings at 9 am in Room 110/Wednesday evenings at 7 pm
Sunday mornings & Wed. evenings - Growing Disciples Series - Pray in Faith (6 week study beginning Feb. 26 & 29)
Study in process also on Wed. evenings - Life Principles for Worship from the Tabernacle (12 weeks) by Wayne Barber, Eddie Rasnake, Richard Shepherd. 
If you need childcare on Wed. night, you must pre-register with Michelle Caskey at  There is a minimal cost.  See below for details.
Contact if you'd like to participate. 
Co-ed Senior Adult Class
Sunday mornings at 8am in Room 110
This group is currently reviewing Pastor James' drill downs during class time.
NMC Childcare Policy
We are excited to offer a quality childcare program during the Adult Evening Accent classes (and for a limited number of adult events outside of Sunday mornings) for nursery-12 year olds.  You will find that the childcare program will meet the same high level of care and safety protocols as provided on Sunday mornings.  Childcare workers are screened and trained, and children are checked in with our computerized KidCheck system. A light snack will be provided for all age groups in the childcare program.  Optional:  School age children are welcome to bring their homework.
·        All children must be pre-registered for the childcare program prior to the first class by filling out a registration form. 
·         Space is limited so children who are not pre-registered will be admitted to the childcare program only if the class has not met its maximum capacity.  Please call Michelle Caskey, 720-278-0081, to verify availability 7 days prior.  This helps ensure the safety of the children.
·        NOTE:  Once your children are registered, they are registered only for the time period that the adult class takes place.  If you originally attend an adult class that lasts for 7 weeks, your children are only registered for 7 weeks. After the 7 weeks, if you plan on attending another class that is beginning, you will need to re-register your children
·        A modest fee will be charged to families who participate in the childcare program.  The fee will be charged for the entire period of the class.  For example, if a class is a 7 week class you will need to pay for 7 classes. 
·        Fees are as follows:   
$3 per night for one child  
$5 per night for two children  
$6 per night for three or more children
·        Fees can be paid in full at the beginning of a class or weekly.  Michelle Caskey will collect the childcare fees the evening of your class.  Please have exact change if paying with cash.  Otherwise, we will receive payment by check.  Checks can be made out to NMC with “childcare” written in the memo line.  
·        If you miss a class, you are still responsible for paying for childcare that class since we schedule babysitters based on the number of children expected to attend. Exception:  If you give Michelle Caskey a minimum of 7 days notice of an absence, you will not be charged for that night.

·        Scholarships are available for childcare. 
Please see Michelle Caskey if you would like to apply for a scholarship.  
Please contact Michelle Caskey at 720-278-0081 to register and/or regarding additional questions you may have.

Contact Information:
Si Wood
303.457.8560 Ext. 305


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