God's Blueprint for Marriage

What is Pre-Marriage Coaching?
Build strong foundations today that will last a lifetime through North Metro's pre-marriage coaching program, tailor-made sessions of interactive and engaging learning and listening that will provide you with the Biblical tools to follow God's path for your life together. For additional information visit
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What will we do?
The sessions will be tailored around your situation and circumstances but each couple will take the Prepare/Enrich personality assessment, understand both your "Love Languages" as well as jump into Scripture to seek God's blueprint for marriage.

Who will oversee the coaching?
Pastor James Wagstaff and Char Davis, Chaplain will work with each couple both together and individually. As the wedding approaches, time will be spent focusing on the wedding day.*

When will we meet?
Sessions will be arranged with each couple individually.
How do we get started?
Call the church office, 303.457.8560
or email Pastor James,
Blueprint Sessions:
  • Personality Assessment Overview & goal for Blueprint.
  • Couples strengths & growth areas
  • Communication I: Assertiveness & active listening
  • Communication II: Resolving Conflict
  • Communication III: Financial Planning
  • Setting short & long term family goals
  • God's Plan for Oneness: 
  • Biblical foundations for marriage
  • God's Plan for Oneness: Threats to marriage
  • God's Plan for Oneness: Individual session exploring God's blueprint for marriage roles

*Blueprint is not professional counseling. If it is deemed couples need marriage counseling by licensed professionals - referrals will be recommended.

Contact Information:
Char Davis


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