Revelation-This Present Church 01.08.12

Message by Danny Bote, Student Minister
Drilling Down:  Questions for Life Groups and personal Bible Study
Church at Ephesus
I.        Revelation 2:1- Christ states He ‘walks among the lampstands (churches)’- He dwells among, inspects and intimately knows every church. What should be your personal response to this realization?
II.      Revelation 2:2-3,6- The church was extremely active in the community, endured persecution and stood for God’s Word and His truth. What area(s) is God commending you in, like this church? What area(s) is God convicting you to grow in?
III.   Revelation 2:4- Write out your testimony of coming to know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and mention the ‘love’ that you had for Christ and what that looked like then, to where you are now. 
a.       Have you ever or/and why do you lose the ‘love you had at first?’ 
b.      How can you guard against losing this love?
IV.   Revelation 2:5-
a.       Remember: Ephesians 2:1-22
         i.      What’s the difference between ‘remembering’ where God has taken you from and ‘dwelling’ in the past?
         ii.      What are the consequences of dwelling?
         iii.      What are the blessings of remembering? 

         iv.      “It is the loss of your first love that makes you seek the comfort of your bodies instead of the prosperity of your souls.” Charles Spurgeon 
b.      Repent:
         i.      What does it mean to repent?
         ii.      When are we supposed to repent?
         iii.      What are the consequences/blessings if we don’t or do repent?                   Individually and Corporately as an entire church.


North Metro Church