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Ministry Resources Committee

People often ask us what the Ministry Resources Committee (known as MRC in Conference jargon) does. Several of us say that we are the "staffing committee" of the Conference. In other words, we are the people responsible for nominating members of the conference to committees that match their passions and interests. You have a joy for numbers and teaching others about giving? Then perhaps you should try the Stewardship Committee. You have a passion for Christian Education? Perhaps you might consider serving on the Educational Ministries Committee.
The goal of MRC is to strengthen the covenantal bonds between members of our Pacific Northwest churches and the local churches themselves. By working together on conference boards and committees, UCC members accomplish many good things and help create important connections between all the UCC churches within the Pacific Northwest Conference.  We also seek out nominations for national UCC committees and task forces.
Most of the Conference committee positions are two-year terms, and new terms begin at our annual meeting each spring.  If you’re interested in serving on a committee or you would like more information, feel free to contact any of our committee members (see link below).
Below is a description of the Ministry Resources Committee from the Conference By-laws and a link to a list of members of the committee.
Ministry Resource Committee shall have responsibility for the following functions:

1. developing, maintaining, and disseminating both a human resource bank (people’s interest and skills) and a ministry resource service, including a readily accessible library of resources and support for technical and information systems serving Conference programs.

2. overseeing the work of an ongoing Nominating Group which will present to the Annual Meeting for election or approval candidates for Conference Leadership positions, including members of Conference Leadership Committees, representatives to ecumenical agencies and to the Covenental Bodies of the United Church of Christ in the national setting, and the Conference Board of Directors.

a. The Nominating Group shall consist of six members of the Ministry Resource Committee

3. appointing Annual Meeting Planning Committees of at least six members each, such Committees to be in place for a minimum of two years prior to the Annual Meeting for which they are responsible for coordinating and planning.  The Moderator shall serve ex-officio on the Annual Meeting Planning Committee for the Annual Meeting scheduled during her or his term of office and the Vice Moderator shall serve ex-officio on the Annual Meeting Planning Committee responsible for the next following Annual Meeting.