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There are eight Conference Leadership Committees carrying out the mission of the Conference and United Church of Christ.  Each Leadership Committee (except the Personnel Committee, the Education Ministries Committee and the Committee on the Ministry – see below) will consist of at least 12 and not more than 15 members representing diverse interests and geographical areas. There should be up to two youth positions elected to each Committee, in addition to the maximum numbers set out herein. The members of each Committee will be elected at Annual Meetings and shall serve two-year terms, but no member may serve for more that three consecutive terms on the same committee.  The Chairs of each Leadership Committee will be elected by each Committee  before or during its first meeting following the Annual Meeting.  Each Leadership Committee shall elect one of its members to serve as its member on the Conference Board of Directors, with the exception that the Personnel Committee’s Chair shall serve as the Board member.   Leadership Committees shall connect existing resources, leaders, and programs.  They shall strive to help and encourage the coordination and the creation of ministries.  As priorities are established by the Annual Meeting and General Synod, the Board will assign primary responsibilities for each priority to an appropriate Leadership Committee.  All other Committees shall be invited to join in implementing each priority as they see fit.