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Lakeside Community Church Brochure & Informational Piece

 New Testament Challenge

To download a reading plan and instructions, click here.

1Hope Ministries International

For more information about this important ministry, please click here to download their brochure or check out their website at   
Practical Ways to Give More
It started with God, who was willing to GIVE His one and only Son to this world as a sacrifice for all of our sins. 
The GIFT of God is a GIFT of LIFE and a GIFT of HOPE.
Would you consider giving the GIFT of LIFE and HOPE to someone in need?
Click here for a list of practical ways to GIVE MORE throughout the year. 

Essential Teachings of the Bible

If you are interested in discovering the essential teachings of the Bible, please click here to download a One-Month Reading Plan Covering the Essential Teachings of the Bible.